Monday, August 30, 2010

The luck of the Irish
Recipe #11: Irish coffee drink

In the story for the three-cup chicken, I mentioned why I'd stay clear of wine. Unless the wine was cooked with food, I would always avoid it. As for drinks, the only beverage I'd still drink is my mother's Irish coffee.

Irish coffee was invented 1942 by Joe Sheridan, an Irish bartender. It was a warm and cozy drink for the first Westerners to visit Ireland. Maybe it was because they were moved, but the unique of Irish coffee truly has many affecionados.

Since our recipes focuses on healthy, we cut down on cream unless it is absolutely needed. Of course, some dishes don't taste like the original once the heavy cream is gone. However, that does not mean it won't taste good! For the coffee that has the taste of Irish cream, people who have tasted it still love it. They would always want seconds.


1. 1 c. coffee, brewed
2. 1 Tbsp. brown sugar
3. 1 shot whiskey (about 1.5 oz.)
4. 1/4 cup cream


1. Fill a warmed glass with coffee until 3/4 c. full.
2. Add sugar and stir.
3. Add the cold cream on top of liquid.


1. This serving is for 10-12 oz. cups. If you want to use a smaller cup, as shown in the photo, you can scale it down.
2. You can slightly beldn the heavy cream, but not too much (i.e., a few seconds).
3. If you're a health nut and don't want to use so much cream, you can check the method that my mother used: add 2 tsp. white sugar to the prepared coffee, and mix well and stir in one pack of CoffeeMate creamer. Finally, add two tsp. of Bailey's Irish cream and mix well. It tastes very, very good.

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